Sepehr Arefmanesh
Journalist, Social Media Specialist
BA, English Language & Literature
University of Tehran, Faculty of Foreign Languages & Literatures

MA, British Studies (Unfinished)
University of Tehran, Faculty of World Studies
Business Journalist, Web & Social Media Specialist
Financial Tribune

I have been writing about Iran’s banking, insurance and housing sectors. I also cover news stories about fintech, export credit and payment industry and currency market.

Started working as social media specialist on February 2016. Starting from 0

I was busy

Sales and Marketing Assistant
Scania Dealership in Tehran ( Mardani), (Jan 2012 – Aug 2015)


I use to

Staff Educator
Mammut Diesel - Sales & Services 1012

Teaching English and IT Skills to mechanics, receptionists and clerck.

Teacher & Supervisor
Ekbatan Local Center, (Dec 2012 to March 2013)
Teacher & Supervisor