Sepehr Arefmanesh
Journalist, Social Media Specialist
BA, English Language & Literature
University of Tehran, Faculty of Foreign Languages & Literatures
MA, British Studies (Unfinished)
University of Tehran, Faculty of World Studies

• Introduction to Economics, Mohammad Hussein Adeli;
• Media and Press in the UK, Younes Shokrkhah;
• Welfare Policy in UK, Ali Asghar Saeidi/Abbas Akhoundi
• Theories in International Relations, Hessameddin Vaezzade;
• Research Methodology, Mahmood Sariolghalam;
• UK Economy, Behrooz Alishiri;
Working on “trends and patterns of collaboration between universitoes and businesses in England since 2004”

Business Journalist, Web & Social Media Specialist
Financial Tribune

I have been writing about Iran’s banking, insurance and housing sectors. I also cover news stories about fintech, export credit and payment industry and currency market.

Started working as social media specialist on February 2016. Starting from 0

Later in June we started a project to enhance FT’s website.
Google News indexed the website in December 2016.
In February 2017, Google Analytics recorded 360% growth in total number of users, y/y.

I was busy

Sales and Marketing Assistant
Scania Dealership in Tehran ( Mardani), (Jan 2012 – Aug 2015)

Booking and registering Scania Trucks
Developing customers’ profile system
Public and international relations
Registering for financial services ( Eghtesad Novin Leasing)
CMS director


I use to

Staff Educator
Mammut Diesel - Sales & Services 1012

Teaching English and IT Skills to mechanics, receptionists and clerck.

Teacher & Supervisor
Ekbatan Local Center, (Dec 2012 to March 2013)

Started English and Spanish Courses
Taught English to the elderly

Teacher & Supervisor

Prepared supplementary books and exam papers for all the levels
Interviewed new teachers
Started Turkish courses and contributed in recieving the license for holding TOMER exam in collaboration with Turkish embassy and Ghazi University.
Developed syllabus for five other languages
Taught English at all levels